After having her heart broken, Lily Carver ran north to manage an upscale resort-and back to her longtime friend Sam Denning. Though she's well aware of how hot Sam's become, she refuses to risk her heart again. No matter how incredible his kisses make her feel...
Sam's been in love-and lust-with Lily since the summer they met. When he finally shows her how much he wants her, Lily can't resist his seduction. But Sam's a forever kind of guy and she's only interested in short, painless relationships.
Lily thinks she can protect both their hearts with a short affair to let their passion run its course, something where they both know the rules and can explore the sparks between them without getting burned. But their best-laid plans are put to the test by their undeniable attraction-and by a secret Sam's been keeping from Lily that could ruin everything.


Something So Right is the familiar story of a heart so broken and bruised that it's owner will not take another chance on love. In this case Lily is so determined to set boundries that she has become quite mercenary about them. Sam is deeply in love with her and has finally given up fighting the attraction for the sake of saving their friendship.
We see these themes quite often in the romance world but Elyse Mady has managed to give the story it's own charisma. This is helped along by the imagery of the beautiful and remote setting which lends to the touching and sweet story.
All in all a pleasant read.


Nia is a high school beauty who discovers she is being stalked by a secret society. Who is behind the secret society? Why Nia? Check it out:

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