I have to say that I had preconceived ideas about what this book was about and I had to throw them right out the window once I started reading. It is rare to find such a unique story line in this genre. It seems that these days there are so many paranormal books out there that it is inevitable that the premise has been already done at least once or twice. Fairy Circle is it's own genre, it is a category all of it's own and it is beautifully done.
It is rare to find a character as deep as Saffron. She is very introspective and does not share her fears or thoughts easily. So much so that even as the reader I was still trying to figure out through the whole book. This definitely added to wonderful mystery of the story that had me peeling away the layers one by one. I do not write spoilers so I will refrain from going into too much detail and I will leave you with my overall impression that it was a delicate and beautiful read that left me wanting for more.


Tania-lee, I'm so happy you read FAIRY CIRCLE, that alone gives me the greatest joy. I am forever thankful. Your kind words just blew me away and are actually smoothing the way through a difficult day. Big hugs for you. And some more. xoxo :D

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