When I read the Amazon reviews for Dusan I was skeptical! The reviews were good, better than good they were amazing so I decided to read and see for myself and what I found blew me away. Dusan belongs on the bestseller list of every bookstand the world over and more than deserves the praise bestowed on it so far. 
From the very moment Dusan wakes from his 25 year sleep I am on the edge of my seat wondering exactly who he is, what he is and how he fits into the grand scheme of things. The picture is not pretty to start with as the concepts of good and evil seem blurred and distorted and I begin to wonder about some of the intentions and motivations of our potential hero. When our heroine enters the picture she is a creature of purity and light. Seemingly innocent and untouched by society she is a fey creature bathed in esoteric moonlight. Enter Poppets wonderful mix of reverence intertwined with irreverent humour when Aine turns out to be all those things and more. She is a spitfire, willful and determined with a love for carnally delicious doughnuts native to the Portland Oregon area. This is the second book of Poppets that I have read now and I appreciate her ability to incorporate the location into the essence of the book giving it personal meaning to people that know and love the area. As the story progresses and unfolds so does the tension. The reader is still kept on edge and wondering as the concepts of life, death and the true meaning of mercy are explored. Poppet has created an incredibly rich background story transforming a simple concept that many paranormal authors are overplaying into something of substance and new meaning which gave me intense pleasure as I slowly unwrapped the treasured gift of this story.
I laughed and I cried from the edge of my seat the entire way through this book and now that I am done reading I cannot stop smiling as I relive every delicious moment in my memories. Poppet took me on a journey in which she gave and then took away again only to give it all back with so much more.
I have read some amazing books this year but Dusan is my book of the year. If you only read one book this year make it Dusan because to do otherwise would be a very great loss. This book is a very solid 5 out of 5

Dusan contains language and adult humor along with graphic violence but is otherwise a clean book.


Ok, so with the movie coming out in theatres, it seemed to only be fair to give it a shot. I mean, normally I read paranormal romance, but with John Krasinski (The main reason I love The Office) making an appearance in the movie, I figured I'd go pop culture and read. After all, the book was only 5.99 at Walmart. What's six bucks (stupid tax)?

I was appalled, yet pleasantly surprised.

The central plot is that good girl Rachel has always lived in the shadow of best friend Darcy who lives a very charmed life. Darcy has the perfect look, a job that makes her happy, and while quiet Rachel is quietly turning 30, Darcy is preparing for the wedding of a lifetime with perfect fiancé Dex.

That is, until a very drunk Rachel has a very long night with Dex.

The story is just cliche enough to keep you happy, just unexpected enough to keep the pages turning, and just thought provoking enough to make you wonder what you'd do in Rachel's shoes.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I can't wait to make the comparison to Emily Giffin's written work. Heaven knows, I'll probably be sorely disappointed, but that's just how it goes with film adaptations. Something has to get cut.

So back to the book, it was an interesting diversion and I'd say go ahead and give it a read. Don't pay more than six bucks for it though. It wasn't that good.

Cheerful reading,

Inbetween reading Strike and Blindsded I read some crappy romance that left me feeling cheated. My thoughts after reading it were that I really wished I could for once read a romance that was real, one that went beyond the contrived happy ever afters and told a real story in a real world where people are flawed.

"How would you react if you came home unexpectedly to find your boyfriend in bed with a pretty young blonde girl whose pink nails and sweaty palms are clamping his muscular back?Leanne is the one who found them and it's Andy who is using Trish as a trampoline.
What happens next? Will Leanne and Andy, share champagne in the bath, and kiss and make up?
Doesn't sound likely, but they do.
And to seal the reconciliation, Andy carves his love for Leanne on his chest.
Then Leanne finds out about Andy's relationship with another girl she has never heard of, Kate.
'Blindsided' is Gemma Rice at her most uncompromising, it's a love story which is climatic and dramatic.
Love is patient, love is kind, love is understanding. And love catches you when you fall."

As I was reading Blindsided it took me a while to realise that it was exactly the romance I had been looking for. It put me on edge and left me wondering where to look for comfort. It was gritty and dark but infused with moments of light and warmth and the ending was pure magic. The ending was beautiful and perfect and the most romantic I have read in my life. Most romances leave me wanting like a bad relationship. THis one left me fulfilled and whole like the most precious kind of love.

This book took me out of my comfort zone and gave me an entirely new one, I give it a solid 5 stars with no regrets.I took the time to look up the music of Douglas Bean that the author references and I was blown away. His music is wonderful and I am glad of the discovery.


Note this is an adult book with adult themes. It contains language, sex, drugs and self mutilation.

1. Unemployment: I am calling this my little blessing in disguise. I will get to see my children more than I have in a very long time. Adding to that I could really use a break while I commence my job hunt.

2. My beautiful Daughter's 5th birthday and Epic Rapunzel Party on June 5th: Yikes I get to bake the cake and foot the bill :) this should be fun. Oh but she is so very worth it, she has been planning her Rapunzel party for almost a year now and it is going to be EPIC.

3. X-Men First class June 3rd: I love X-Men and I am definitely looking forward to this one.

4. Passion by Lauren Kate June 14th: Ok I am really looking forward to learning more about Daniel in this one. So I am hoping it is as much from his perspective as I suspect this book will be. The suspense is killing me here!!!!

5. Green Lantern June 17th: This is a good month for super heroes and I LOVE SUPERHEROES!!! The question is will Ryan Reynolds make a yummier DEADPOOL or Green Lantern? Its going to be tough since I am very particularly partial to DEADPOOL.

6. Last but oh so not the least Smokin Seventeen by Janet Evanovich June 21st: Ive read the synopsis for this one and it looks like its going to have EVERYTHING I love in a Stephanie Plum Novel....namely Joe Morelli and Ranger in all their HOTNESS!!! Add to that an old flame and this one is definitely going to be Smokin. Honestly Stephanie Plum is MY HERO, if she werent a lil bit o fiction I would make that woman my best friend and she would probably say oh brother another damn stalker.

From the moment I picked up the book I was hooked! Heather Killough-Walden has the rare ability to transform seemingly mundane scenes into moments of pure suspense and intrigue. I was so entranced by the relationship between Jack Thane and Annabelle Drake from that very first scene that I kept reading through the night till dawns early light when I finally finished the book, and it was one hell of a ride.
In order to truly enjoy the book it is best to appreciate it as a work of fantasy and just enjoy the ride. Those with puritanical views that are looking for a moral lesson should probably skip this one and head somewhere else. Now in real life my views may be a little on the puritan side but I enjoy my fantasy deep and dark so this book was definitely up my alley and Heather Killough-Walden delivered in spades. Her character development is wonderful and it was a breath of fresh air to discover the flaws built into the characters instead of the usual cookie cutter characters so often viewed elsewhere.
“Jack Thane is a man with a very big secret. For years, he has relied upon the skills and resources that came with this secret in order to protect the people he cares about, especially the young Annabelle Drake… the only woman he has ever loved.

However, now Jack’s past is catching up with him – and it’s after Annabelle. Suddenly, Jack has gone from the predator to the prey as he strives to keep Annabelle from the very deadly clutches of some of the most powerful people in the world.

Annabelle Drake’s best friend is a six-foot-two, blonde haired, blue eyed angel in black leather with a penchant for v-twin motorcycles and shoulder holsters stocked with reliable guns. He’s a man with a dark job, a quick mind, and a body capable of just about anything. He’s also off-limits as anything but a best friend… for so many reasons.

But when the forces that normally turn to Jack for their more covert problem solving needs suddenly turn on Annabelle, she has no choice but to turn to Jack for help. Annabelle finds that being under Jack’s protection means allowing him to get closer than she’d ever planned on letting him get… and that when it comes to dangerous; those who are out to get her have nothing on the man she’s with.”

The themes in this book are mature and there is a good smattering of adult language but other than that the book is clean. Much to the consternation of some of the reviews I have read. Usually I would be one of those as I hate a tease but I never felt a loss at the lack of a full on intimate scene. The book was too enjoyable, there was plenty of substance that held my attention and the intimacy between the characters transcended anything a mere sex scene could portray.
If you enjoy strong female characters, dark and dangerous men and sleek and powerful motorcycles then this book is for you. I give this book 5 out of 5. If I was concerned about the miniscule editing issues I noticed I might drop down to a 4.5 but this book was a Dollar and for that the author has given me an amazing experience that definitely deserves this 5.

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