Every one of my close friends knows that I have read an insane amount of books since February! I am talking well into triple digits here. I have read dozens of really out of this world books and some not so wonderful. Luckily I have read msny more wonderful than not so wonderful books. Of all these books though there are four that have stood out as the best of the best of my year so far and I would like to shout their praises from the rooftops in the hopes that more people will discover these AMAZING and captivating tales.

The one that started it all! I was not reading much before February when one day I was in the grocery store and saw The Iron King by Julie Kagawa and popped it into my basket. I promptly retuned to the store the very next morning and bought the sequels. Four days later I had finished The Iron Queen and realised I had just read one of the best books EVER! The entire Iron Fey series is great but The Iron Queen is the book that goes firmly into my top four list.

Acheron is part of the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and absoluetly hands down the best and most important book of the series.  Acheron is by far my favourite literary hero of all time. His story is heart breaking and heart warming. I honestly do not have enough words to describe my love and passion for this book and the books series that goes with it and I doubt I ever will.

Hell Ben by Heather Killough-Walden is a book that I fall in love with over and over again! I have now reread it several times as I have done with all four of these books. The characters in Hell Bent are out of this world and I hold them dear to my heart. The story is everything I want from a good story and more.

Discovering the works of Poppet has been one of the best things I have done in a very long time. Her books are all out of this world and ensure a journey into a whole new world. I have read and loved every one of her books but her book Dusan is the book that I absolutely fell in love with, Never have I been taken on a journey quite like the one Dusan took me on. The storyline was so incredibly origional and alluring it sucked me in and I doubt I ever fully came out of that world.

The common elements in all these books is strong and kickass female leads and male leads that are just as strong and maybe even a bit more kickass. More importantly is the fact that even though these characters are strong and kickas they are just as flawed. The flaws they carry mould them into the wonderful characters that they are and they wouldnt be a shadow of themselves without their wonderful and delicious flaws.

I advise everyone reading this to beg, borrow or steal the time to read these books this year. I am very certain that you will not be disappointed.


Gotta love Poppet! Her books are raw and in-your-face and well-written. Love that girl and her writing!! My fave is Seithe :)
I have the first book in The Iron Fey series, but the books keep coming up on my Amazon page under "customers who purchased this also purchased ..." and so I'm staying away while I'm writing the next two books.
Heck, I still haven't read Fragile Eternity .. I'm sooo behind (which makes me mad b/c I wanted all first edition hardback books) but I just didn't have the time. And I didn't want to think about other faery stuff -- I don't like to be influenced.
I've been reading a lot of interesting things this year, too, and I love it! Reading is one of the greatest things ever :)

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