He learned he was going to be a daddy the same day his parents’ murderer was set free. But Detective Ash Kendall was determined to keep it together. After all, one woman was at the center of everything, and Rachel Stevens had a lot of explaining to do.
The lovely DNA profi ler had no idea her evidence would reopen Ash’s old wounds. Despite all they’d been through, she hadn’t stopped loving the man who just found out he was going to be a daddy. And with someone desperate to keep the secrets of the Christmas Eve Murders hidden, Ash was the only man who could protect Rachel and her baby.

I have a not so secret confession to make! Harlequin books are my guilty pleasure. On the days where I just want a nice romantic interlude and a smile on my lips I usually turn to a Harlequin novel. The first thing I noticed about Harlequin novels when I first started reading them is that they get a bad rap. There is more to a Harlequin novel than meets the eye. The writing is usually of a high standard and the storyline is far deeper than one would suspect.
Detective Daddy is no different, the story was quite indepth and intriguing, I found myself zooming through every delicious tidbit to find out what happened and at the end of it I was left with my usual happy afterglow.
There was only one thing that irked me about the book besides the usual uninspired title and that was that there was an essential part of the storyline that was not resolved in the end. Now I do understand that not everything in life requires a perfectly happy ending but in this instance I felt the characters involved deserved a better resolution.


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