His music holds back the night, but time is running out.

Silent screams echoed in the deep. Visions taunted, too late. Jimmie paid the price and keeps his secret close. He longs for redemption but Death changed everything.

For Ember Grace high school is her world to command. But when her best friend turns on her, Ember struggles to understand as heart-wrenching memories intrude.

Something guides Jimmie’s hand and the music flows and commands, unleashing fearful events that threaten all he knows and loves. The answer lies in the deep, for hunger feeds on fear and the beast is far from sated.

Forged in an agony of a painful shared past, Jimmie and Ember’s link grows but will it be enough to save the town, save themselves?

And something lurks in cold still waters, waiting to change everything.

November Knight is the epitome of a sleeper hit! A powerful piece of  young adult storytelling from an author that unabashadly delves deep into the teenage mind and heart of Jimmie Knight.

Michael J. Pollack's writing is smooth and clean with an easy flow. Very often in YA there are cringeworthy moments as the author invariably tries too hard to capture youthful repertoire. There is not a single hint of that in November Knight and the essential core of what it is to be a teenager is captured perfectly.

November Knight is a beautiful harmony of character and plot driven story line that few authors can pull off. The concepts were all wonderfully unique and the characters well developed and complex.

Jimmie Knight's quest for redemption from a guilt he has owned since the age of twelve brings him back to the place where it all started. A place where he must face his demon and fight for not only his soul but for the nineteen others that are in jeopardy of being lost forever.

I truly do not have the words to explain just how wonderful this story is. I fell in love with Jimmie and then Ember. I was positively gripped by the tale and I was sad to say goodbye when it ended. It is a truly poignant story, as well as action packed and an edge of your seat thriller to boot. If I had to describe it in one word which is practically impossible I would have to use the word gripping even though it is so much more.

Another series where I will be waiting in HUGE anticipation for the sequel and yes there is going to be a prequel too. The prequel called The Bone Voyager's will hopefully be coming out very very soon. It is the story of the characters Renee and Marshmallow Chris from November Knight.


Great review. Always nice to hear of YA novels that are written well and suit the youth of today.


Thank you so much, Cali Girl! I'm thrilled that you connected with November Knight. Cheers!

Bravo! The book is amazing, I'm delighted to have a copy of it. The review is wonderfully done. I am now following your blog, and look forward to reading more of your insightful and honest reviews.
Well done.

Another YA novel that's really well written that I've read recently is Cameo by Tanille. It's worth checking out! http://cameonia.blogspot.com/

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