Ok, so with the movie coming out in theatres, it seemed to only be fair to give it a shot. I mean, normally I read paranormal romance, but with John Krasinski (The main reason I love The Office) making an appearance in the movie, I figured I'd go pop culture and read. After all, the book was only 5.99 at Walmart. What's six bucks (stupid tax)?

I was appalled, yet pleasantly surprised.

The central plot is that good girl Rachel has always lived in the shadow of best friend Darcy who lives a very charmed life. Darcy has the perfect look, a job that makes her happy, and while quiet Rachel is quietly turning 30, Darcy is preparing for the wedding of a lifetime with perfect fiancé Dex.

That is, until a very drunk Rachel has a very long night with Dex.

The story is just cliche enough to keep you happy, just unexpected enough to keep the pages turning, and just thought provoking enough to make you wonder what you'd do in Rachel's shoes.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I can't wait to make the comparison to Emily Giffin's written work. Heaven knows, I'll probably be sorely disappointed, but that's just how it goes with film adaptations. Something has to get cut.

So back to the book, it was an interesting diversion and I'd say go ahead and give it a read. Don't pay more than six bucks for it though. It wasn't that good.

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