1. Unemployment: I am calling this my little blessing in disguise. I will get to see my children more than I have in a very long time. Adding to that I could really use a break while I commence my job hunt.

2. My beautiful Daughter's 5th birthday and Epic Rapunzel Party on June 5th: Yikes I get to bake the cake and foot the bill :) this should be fun. Oh but she is so very worth it, she has been planning her Rapunzel party for almost a year now and it is going to be EPIC.

3. X-Men First class June 3rd: I love X-Men and I am definitely looking forward to this one.

4. Passion by Lauren Kate June 14th: Ok I am really looking forward to learning more about Daniel in this one. So I am hoping it is as much from his perspective as I suspect this book will be. The suspense is killing me here!!!!

5. Green Lantern June 17th: This is a good month for super heroes and I LOVE SUPERHEROES!!! The question is will Ryan Reynolds make a yummier DEADPOOL or Green Lantern? Its going to be tough since I am very particularly partial to DEADPOOL.

6. Last but oh so not the least Smokin Seventeen by Janet Evanovich June 21st: Ive read the synopsis for this one and it looks like its going to have EVERYTHING I love in a Stephanie Plum Novel....namely Joe Morelli and Ranger in all their HOTNESS!!! Add to that an old flame and this one is definitely going to be Smokin. Honestly Stephanie Plum is MY HERO, if she werent a lil bit o fiction I would make that woman my best friend and she would probably say oh brother another damn stalker.


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