When I read the Amazon reviews for Dusan I was skeptical! The reviews were good, better than good they were amazing so I decided to read and see for myself and what I found blew me away. Dusan belongs on the bestseller list of every bookstand the world over and more than deserves the praise bestowed on it so far. 
From the very moment Dusan wakes from his 25 year sleep I am on the edge of my seat wondering exactly who he is, what he is and how he fits into the grand scheme of things. The picture is not pretty to start with as the concepts of good and evil seem blurred and distorted and I begin to wonder about some of the intentions and motivations of our potential hero. When our heroine enters the picture she is a creature of purity and light. Seemingly innocent and untouched by society she is a fey creature bathed in esoteric moonlight. Enter Poppets wonderful mix of reverence intertwined with irreverent humour when Aine turns out to be all those things and more. She is a spitfire, willful and determined with a love for carnally delicious doughnuts native to the Portland Oregon area. This is the second book of Poppets that I have read now and I appreciate her ability to incorporate the location into the essence of the book giving it personal meaning to people that know and love the area. As the story progresses and unfolds so does the tension. The reader is still kept on edge and wondering as the concepts of life, death and the true meaning of mercy are explored. Poppet has created an incredibly rich background story transforming a simple concept that many paranormal authors are overplaying into something of substance and new meaning which gave me intense pleasure as I slowly unwrapped the treasured gift of this story.
I laughed and I cried from the edge of my seat the entire way through this book and now that I am done reading I cannot stop smiling as I relive every delicious moment in my memories. Poppet took me on a journey in which she gave and then took away again only to give it all back with so much more.
I have read some amazing books this year but Dusan is my book of the year. If you only read one book this year make it Dusan because to do otherwise would be a very great loss. This book is a very solid 5 out of 5

Dusan contains language and adult humor along with graphic violence but is otherwise a clean book.



Great review Ms. TG. I look forward to adding this what is becoming a Santa-long list of books. :)


TG, your praise for my work is making me smile so much my cheeks are cramping :D

Thank you so much for not only reading my work, but giving me feedback on your journey inside the story. Authors don't get enough feedback from readers, despite all readers being able to leave reviews on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads and Smashwords, and most authors also are available to their readers on Twitter and Facebook too. You are so precious! Thank you x

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