Would you care for a book with what is at first a strong heroine, turned lukewarmly submissive with a negligible rebellious streak? Hmm, I didn't see the change coming at first, and so I read through anyway.

The premise of Dawn's The Charmer was brilliant. A woman transported randomly into an alternate land where all the men cannot help but lust for her. Unfortunately, she has eyes for only one. Her original capturer, Keilor.

Through some meet and greets, she finds out her best friend, whose name turns out to be Rihlia, is really a princess or something who was lost to the human world. They just found her now, and she was arranged to be married to Jayems, which makes for a wonderfully unexplored secondary romance.

Why did they just find her now? Technical stuff, you wouldn't understand. Right, and why did you bring our wonderful main character Jasmine who is clearly human and not one of your kind there? Well, Rihlia wanted to say goodbye. If your eyebrows raised at that one, you're with me. Granted, the best part comes later.

Since Jasmine's nature as a human Charmer has been revealed, she is now forced to stay. And the only way to subdue her Charmer ways is to find her a mate who will have lots and lots of sex with her.

Ok, you had me at sex. And so the pages continued turning.

I ended up liking Dawn's story a lot more than I thought I would, but I wasn't impressed. I kept thinking the book would end, but then some new element would pop up and it would continue for fifty more pages. The plot was sporadic, the character's mostly disappointing and the more I reflect on it, the more I think she could have been a lot clearer with her storyline. It's a good diversion, but it's not an epic romance of any sort. The writing was good but not astounding.

Dawn's Charmer was a solid read that doesn't have me itching to go buy the other books in the series. It doesn't light a fire under my butt to keep going, keep reading until she's told me all the tale there is to spin. So, I'm going to call this book a diversion, but nothing more. You will spend time reading it, and if there's not anything else to watch on TV, you'll enjoy it.



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