When I am in the mood for a quick and indulgent read I usually grab the closest romantic comedy I can find. (Brit-Chick-lit if at all possible) So that is all I was expecting from this novel. What I got was entirely different! First of all this is no quickie romance, at 496 pages it is definitely a full length novel. A novel that managed to play out the wonderful stories of the supporting characters beautifully without detracting in any way from Miranda's story. The story of the wonderfully kind hearted, quirky and over the top Miranda who shares her lunches with a homeless man and dotes on her elderly land lady. Her kind hearted nature triggers a sequence of events that lead us on a journey of comedy, romance, wicked revenge, heart break and love that I loved every rip roaring moment of.
Jill Mansell has an uncanny ability to make you care for every single character in her novel. There was a tragedy mid way through this book that affected me so deeply I almost feel as if it was a true story. Three days after finishing the book and my heart still twinges whenever I remember this scene and for that alone this book will go down as one of my favourites of all time. Even without that though this was still a wonderful book that I enjoyed every moment of.



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