I have noticed in the past few months a distinct change in perception towards the Twilight series. There are still the Twihards out there and while I was never truly a Twihard I did love the series which came out in a time when I really needed the distraction. I will forever be indebted to Stephenie Meyer for saving me my dignity as my husband walked out the door on my marriage. While I could have been crying and begging for him to stay I was instead deeply ensconced in the world of Breaking Dawn on a beautiful and bright Island with Bella and Edward.

It has occurred to me that the rise and fall of the literary publics esteem for Twilight mirrors the relationship I had with my husband in a few ways. (Stay with me now, I know this is odd)

When we first met Twilight we met a story that was fresh and new, filled with promise. As we got to know Twilight and its world we fell in love with the story and its characters. Then Twilight grew in popularity it seemed that everybody loved Twilight. People raved about Twilight to the highest of highs. More people read the books and loved them. Our esteem for Twilight grew and grew and before we knew it Twilight was placed on a pedestal so high few others could touch it. We hero worshipped this literary wonder, extolling its virtues to the highest of highs. There Twilight remained until finally our interests waned and we looked to other sources of entertainment. We realised that there were other wonderful works out there and some that were every bit as good or even better than Twilight. Then the inconcievable happened. Twilight fell.
The problem with being on a pedestal so damn high is that the fall is so much longer, harder and more brutal. People began ripping the works to shreds, claiming it drivel and literary incompetence. Over time people have begun to view it with disdain that it does not deserve. It seems the books have falled further down than they should have as anything put on too high of a pedestal will.
Twilight always has been and will always be a nice book series with good characters. A book with the ability to transport its readers out of their lives into a world of hope and promise they might not have in their own. Nothing more, nothing less. You might or might not figure out how this analogy might fit into marriage but unfortunately it does. So I leave off with this small piece of advice. Don't let anyone put you on a pedestal! Keep it real and the magic will last forever the way it is supposed to.


Very insightful.

I too noticed the change in how peopple view the book. I now feel like I have to be a "closet twilight fan" otherwise people critisize me for enjoying the books and movies! I think people let the opinions of the "critics" influence them too much- if you enjoy it then so be it!

I followed your analogy for marriage, and being able to do so at 4 am must mean you wrote it well : ) its funny how we all (well maybe just us readers) have books that save us when we need it : )

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oved this post!
The Twilight Series really distracted me at a time when I needed it too! I wasn't married but my then boyfriend of 5 years and I just had our baby girl and he left. It was a hard time, but Twilight for sure kept me busy.
Btw, I love your layout!

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